3x AOP Photography Awards in London this year! 3x! Wow!

The final images will be presented in another exhibition in London! Show starts 12th October 2017 in Shoreditch!


Up in the air again for another patron speech in Stuttgart

This time i’m holding the speech for the diploma exhibition of my former university! The photography graduates asked me to come round. What a pleasure!


SOLD OUT! · Martin Kohlstedt X Elbphilharmonie

He made it! And it’s sold out! Congrats, Martin! See you there! Photo by me!


My hero RYAN ADAMS played a concert in Berlin

The last show was 10 years ago! It was stunning to see you, Ryan!


Hello airplane · On the way home from Italy

Heading back to Berlin today.


Last sneak peak before the series comes online!

MakingOf from a recent job.


Searching for some cure in Italy this week

I honestly hope it works out!


MakingOf from a recent secret project

It will be online in the WORK section here, soon!

photo by: Vincenzo Buscemi


BFF Photoweeks · “Haus der Wirtschaft” in Stuttgart

Me giving a short speech at the opening ceremony tonight.

photo by: Deniz Saylan


The BFF “Photoweeks” starting in Stuttgart today!

The award winning “AV Defekt” project will be shown here, again.


Another talk on stage at the FFA festival in Bielefeld

Discussing the value of photography in Germany.

photo by: Dimitri Reimer


Size matter today! I’m nearly two meters tall!

My big show at “Fotogipfel Oberstdorf” today. What a pleasure! Festival patron is ELLEN VON UNWERTH!

photo by: Marie Hölscher


ELLEN VON UNWERTH shooting me with her LEICA

Had a fabolous day with her!


“Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel” · The exhibition is prepared!

My talk with ELLEN VON UNWERTH will take place 8th June 2017, 10:00 AM! See you there!

photo by: Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel


First night in the new office in Berlin

And many friends came by. How great is that?


Sir Jeffrey Tate, it was a pleasure! RIP!

Sir Jeffrey Tate
I am very thankful for the past years. Our encounters were very impressive. Such a strong personality left this planet in a time, were strong personalities are so hardly needed. Rest in peace. Chapeau and much respect for this man who had every reason to stop but he didn’t!

photo by: me


Group photo with an old magnesium flash from the European Collodion Weekend in Eindhoven/Netherlands today!

What a great analog family! Great to know you all!

photo (contemporary ambrotype) by: Alex Timmermans


The place where the magic happens!

European Collodion Weekend today in Eindhoven/Netherlands with all our “fellow freaks” from all over Europe and even one guest from Hawai!


On the beach again shooting with top model Charlene Högger

We created a little bit of history on this beach 2 years ago. Revival day in St. Peter-Ording.


Always love to see these! Airbus A380 on the taxi way.

Still unbelievable this thing could fly! London Heathrow taxi way on a very busy Saturday evening! My flight was delayed by one hour due to air traffic…