The BFF “Photoweeks” starting in Stuttgart today!

The award winning “AV Defekt” project will be shown here, again.


Size matter today! I’m nearly two meters tall!

My big show at “Fotogipfel Oberstdorf” today. What a pleasure! Festival patron is ELLEN VON UNWERTH!

photo by: Marie Hölscher


ELLEN VON UNWERTH shooting me with her LEICA

Had a fabolous day with her!


“Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel” · The exhibition is prepared!

My talk with ELLEN VON UNWERTH will take place 8th June 2017, 10:00 AM! See you there!

photo by: Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel


Sir Jeffrey Tate, it was a pleasure! RIP!

Sir Jeffrey Tate
I am very thankful for the past years. Our encounters were very impressive. Such a strong personality left this planet in a time, were strong personalities are so hardly needed. Rest in peace. Chapeau and much respect for this man who had every reason to stop but he didn’t!

photo by: me


Alberto Giacometti at Tate Modern London

That’s a rare moment! Great to see all these unique originals!


British Museum for a short time

This roof! Unbelievable!


Thank you LEICA for inviting me to PHOTO London

What a great show! See you all again in the Alps in 3 weeks! More infos to come!


Found myself in a mess of Kodak slide projectors today!

Building the “AUFSCHLAG” exhibition in Hamburg.


Galerie König at “St. Agnes” church in Berlin

Rebuilt by Arno Brandlhuber


Next week’s big exhibition in Hamburg!

“09. Aufschlag” takes off again.


Thinking about the Lindbergh show, again…

It was a great evening in Munich at the exclusive preview.


In the exhibition with model Kim

Starring at the legendary work


Peter Lindbergh – Exclusive Preview – Kunsthalle München

What else could you wish for? Peter Lindbergh, Christiane Arp & Nadja Auermann hand in hand on the red carpet!


Exclusive evening with Peter Lindbergh in Munich very soon

That is gonna be a great night at Kunsthalle München! Really looking forward to this day!


Preparing another exhibition with this pretty thing!

More informations soon! The show will take place in May!


The Lillian Bassman show at gallery CameraWork Berlin

I have never seen anything more artistic and perfect, than this! Since years i collect her work in books and magazines! Chapeau, Lillian Bassman!


Erwin Blumenfeld Portfolio presented by F. C. Gundlach

Limited to just 50 pieces and dye transfer printed 40 years ago this was another ultra rare moment in a photographers life to see this!


Having tea with F. C. Gundlach talking about the future!

Which is kind of funny. He is 90 years old and an unbelievable man! I mean it!


Thank you, Düsseldorf

BFF Jump #4 – RAW was a great success!

photo by: Lars Langemeier