Sir Jeffrey Tate, it was a pleasure! RIP!

Sir Jeffrey Tate
I am very thankful for the past years. Our encounters were very impressive. Such a strong personality left this planet in a time, were strong personalities are so hardly needed. Rest in peace. Chapeau and much respect for this man who had every reason to stop but he didn’t!

photo by: me


CHRSITIE’s charity auction again in Hamburg

This year’s photo for the “Welthungerhilfe” charity evening.
Thanks to Simone Bruns for all the work and the great organization!

photo by: Leila Ivarsson


Today at the preview for the CHRISTIE’s charity auction

Taking place in Hamburg, 28th June 2016 supporting the “Welthungerhilfe”.

In the first auction in 2013 my work was sold by CHRISTIE’s for the highest price of the evening together with a portrait of Sir Ben Kingsley shot by Bryan Adams! So let’s see what the 2016 auction will fund for the project.


Printing a sheet for the upcoming CHRISTIE’s charity auction

Taking place in Hamburg 28th June 2016, 6:00 PM supporting the Welthungerhilfe


Me and the wonderful auctioneer at the NCL charity evening

Collaborating to hopefully preserve children from harm caused by NCL in the future! Visit:

photo by: Leila Ivarsson


NCL charity auction in Hamburg 2015

For the 4th time i supported the NCL fund with a unique photographic piece of art · The auction against the very rare and deadly children dementia reached more than 23.000€ last night · To support and to inform yourself about one of the cruelest diseases a child can have, visit:


my work side by side to photography legend F. C. Gundlach

in a curator’s private apartment in Hamburg

“Project 55” goes for CHRISTIE’s charity again

breathtaking model “Swantje” and me visiting the auction in Hamburg

Benefiz-Auktion zugunsten der Welthungerhilfe in der Hauptkirche

CHRISTIE’S charity auction is running

and the team is carrying around my handmade unique print from “Project 55” supporting the “Welthungerhilfe” project in Sierra Leone.


Printing another unique sheet for the upcoming CHRISTIE’S charity auction

“Project 55” goes to the darkroom again to support the “Welthungerhilfe” again.

speechless · same auction prize as rock super star Bryan Adams

CHRISTIE’s charity auction in Hamburg ended with the best thing ever happend! “Project 55” is going wild!