Konrad was born in the year, George Orwell wrote a book about and grew up in an architect family in Germany. After school he escaped the normative force of bourgeois society and took the chance to tie together the two big loves of his life: human faces and “the good photo”.

He finished photography studies with excellent examination and ever since works as independant photographer based in Berlin.

He works and lives as a “citizen of everywhere” on the old European axles between Berlin and Paris as well as Hamburg and London.

J. Konrad Schmidt is considered the “entfant visible” of young photographers.



J. Konrad Schmidt by Leila Ivarsson


“Pur und roh feiert er in hartem Grau und tiefem Schwarz die Schönheit der Frauen.”

Klaus Mellenthin

“J. Konrad Schmidt is one of the nicest persons I have ever met. Not only an extraordinary photographer but also a walking dictionary regarding photography. Too shy to admit his enormous skills but also somebody who does not keep his expertise for himself. Only 32 years of age, can you imagine what great career lies in front of him?!”

Ferry van der Vliet

in London

“Your photos have a dreamlike quality with a fantasy element to it.
It always looks like you have a great personal connection with your models. Most photographers lack that personal connection.
It’s interesting because you’re ahead of the curve in your work”

Helen Todd

Jury Participations

from time to time i’m asked to take part in jury processes of photographic awards.

  • Mercedes-Benz me Store Hamburg Instagram Challenge · #JKSmehamburg · Hamburg · 2015
  • Tetenal European B/W Classics Award 2015 · jury colleague: F. C. Gundlach · Hamburg · 2015
  • FFA Fördergemeinschaft fotografische Ausbildung · “Best of Wäscheleine” · Bielefeld · 2013
  • Hasselblad photo project 2011 competition · Hamburg · 2010

“I only know a few people who combine excluding opposites as nonchalantly as Konrad. An incredible love for the own profession. His photography is dominated by beautiful women. A touch of nostalgic inviolability. Technically perfect without being artificial. Mystical… deep… real… fascinating!”

Michael Osei-Ampadu


Only those who know what’s missing will be those who care. For that reason i support charity auctions with my photography art work for years. I fund money for projects that deserve attention and especially for science against bad diseases to maybe make them curable one day.

  • NCL charity auction “LebensKünstler” in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
    to support medical science to cure the deadly children’s disease neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosesin (called NCL) in association with Union Investment
  • CHRISTIE’s charity auction 2013, 2014 and 2016 supporting the “Welthungerhilfe”
    Funding for a bio cacao farming project in Sierra Leone in association with AUDI cars

“Konrad ist ein Kerl, der das, was er macht, gerne richtig machen will und nicht nur mit dem halben Arsch!”

Eva Padberg
shot by my good friend Oliver Rolf in Eindhoven/Netherlands

photo by OLIVER ROLF

His work is known to be a composition of fashionable elegance, melancholic seduction, a real sense of story and an incorruptible glance for women.

In his personal projects J. Konrad Schmidt often uses analogue black&white film as his way to tell a story within pictures. Not only in the darkroom this passion is a quiet search for soul within the moment of exposure. Up close and personal.

In his private life J. Konrad loves fine black tea, piano based music and great conversations.

„Your Images are a reflection of your thoughts, beautiful…”

Frederick A. Burton

„There is a real sense of story, and the models seem to be treated with a much more humanistic eye.”

Steve Caddy

Solo Exhibitions

  • Fotogipfel Oberstdorf 2017
    “The modern woman image of Europe”
    Festival patron is Ellen von Unwerth

    Oberstdorf · 2017
  • Art After Work #10 at prolab Stuttgart
    Stuttgart · 2016
  • Solo show for “Mercuri Urval”
    Not public · Dresden
    Dresden · 2016
  • “Nur ein Bild”
    M6 Gallery “Farbwerke”
    Hamburg · 2012
  • “Recent Work”
    Artistcourt “Roter Ochse”
    Schleusingen · 2009